How it Feels

We took the time to ask around what people think, here we go!

This is the best fitting most natural feeling condom, or that is what my husband tells me. we will not purchase anything but Crown.
— Maggie
Best condom I’ve ever tried. If I hadn’t found these there is no doubt I’d have have an STD by now - as these things feel 95% as good as bareback, but if you wanna be safe AND have great sex you gotta try these!
— Luc

People love the feeling of skin to skin, without the risks...

I CANNOT believe how THIN this condom is! It just blows everything else out of the waters! You can practically feel everything. I have to agree with other reviewers, it does feel like you have NOTHING on. A+
— Monica
I used Trojan and Lifestyle and those condoms felt very constricting and did not like the lack of sensation. Hard to rock the boat when you cant feel the water, right?

These condoms are absolutely great. I remember at one point in time I stopped to think if the condom was still on that’s how great it was. Very comfortable, reliable and wide enough for me.
— Matt
These condoms are the really best I have ever used. I am pretty much an average-sized guy all around and these fit and feel perfect. And all the talk about these feeling close to wearing nothing at all is totally true. My girl and I love these and I don’t see us switching anytime soon. About the only negative point for these, as is the case with most latex condoms, is that they will dry out if you take a while. But that’s nothing a little bit of lube won’t fix. I personally like using the condom-safe silicone-based kind. I’ve tried a decent amount of other condom types from Trojan, Durex, Lifestyles, etc., but these kick the s**t out of everything else I have ever tried. They’re as close to going raw as you’re gonna get. Very highly recommended.
— Randy
Having intercourse was still painful for me (and sore for him since I was so tight, and the condoms just added to the drag and friction), however, once we used this, it was like a whole new feeling - it didn’t hurt, he enjoyed himself far more, and it made sex an even better experience.
— Shanna

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